Campus of UChicago, Late Fall or Early Winter?

This Saturday, the sky of UChicago turned clear suddenly.

I felt so wonderful to see that miracle afternoon!

You can click on the pictures to see full images on :D

OSCourseDesign gets online NOW!!!

I have set up the site for OSCourseDesign online.
Here is a preview for it:

Preview for project
Preview for the new site.

You can either click on the picture or use the url to view details.

However, the site is still under construction. When finished, it will provide you with fully detailed design report for each sub-project.

Now, you can get a view of brief introduction on the homepage for the project, and get access to the download links.

I have bought a domain name!

Now you will find that you can use


to get access to my page.

For Chinese user, we can use DNSpod to get free DNS service and we can use domain name of the page (for example, instead of IP of github to redirect our top-level domain name.

Besides, pages for my projects will be finished and put on table soon!

你怎么说 红尘客栈 千里之外

Jay Chou(周杰伦) is my favorite male singer, and he has created many records around Asia.
Don’t know who Jay is? Please refer to his page in English and Chinese on wikipedia.

This video was shot on Jay’s concert in 2013 in Taipei. He used 3D reconstruction, holographic projection and maybe some techs doing with voice and image( I remember MRSA is doing research on this) to make Teresa Teng(邓丽君) alive and sing songs with Jay.

Here is the video:

For Chinese Mainland:

By the way, Youtube has changed its interface again, feel kinda hard to get used to it… of course, for absence of youtube for so long a time…

It’s really excited to establish this new homepage, and it’s free and totally personal.

I’m thinking about buying a domain name now so that you can access easily.

The following days I will try to migrate my posts from other sites to this, and will try all means to translate them into English.

Once again, give thanks to Micheal Rose who has created this beautiful theme.
You can visit his github by this link: Click Here
Or his page: Click Here
Here are two previews of his pages, you can also enter his pages by clicking the pictures.

In addition, you can find many beautiful templates on his github repository.