Operating System Course Design, BUAA

By: Michael Tong

It's the homepage for the Operating System Course Design of BUAA. The project was completed during Spring 13 semester. It is contributed by Hao Tong(Michael Tong), Jiaqi Xie, Weihao Qiu and Yuning Chen. I admit that the codes are not the most optimal, and some bugs still do exist. It is only for course reference. Please don't copy the codes without any modification. I'm NOT responsible for any results caused by copying.


Linux 1 mainly focuses on constructing a shell which provides basic internal commands and advanced commands such as redirection and pipe.


Linux 2 mainly focuses on job scheduling. Multi level scheduling, priority sequence optimization and time slices allocation will be achieved.


Linux 3 realized a virtual memory management simulation program which simulating page storage management of monoprogram.


Linux 4 realized a file system. It can manage the files on both disks and virtual disks.

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