A combined song from concert of Jay Chou

March 27, 2014

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你怎么说 红尘客栈 千里之外

Jay Chou(周杰伦) is my favorite male singer, and he has created many records around Asia.
Don’t know who Jay is? Please refer to his page in English and Chinese on wikipedia.

This video was shot on Jay’s concert in 2013 in Taipei. He used 3D reconstruction, holographic projection and maybe some techs doing with voice and image( I remember MRSA is doing research on this) to make Teresa Teng(邓丽君) alive and sing songs with Jay.

Here is the video:

For Chinese Mainland:

By the way, Youtube has changed its interface again, feel kinda hard to get used to it… of course, for absence of youtube for so long a time…

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