About Michael Tong

Hello Everyone! Welcome to my homepage!

It's me

I’m Michael Tong, currently a senior college student in Beihang Univeristy, China. I will become a Ph.D. student at the University of Chicago in Computer Science. My advisor will be Haryadi Gunawi.

My real name in fact should be “Hao Tong”, and I almost forgot I have picked up an English name with “Michael” years ago until one day in Denmark my friends found my name on Facebook was Michael. Michael is a very common name in English, but I chose it for a talented person named Michael Jordan.


My research interests are mainly in Distributed Systems, Cloud Computing, Security and Reliability. Of course, I’m really interested in all fields about computer science!


  1. Intern at Institute of Advanced Computing Technology
    I am now doing my graduate project here trying to connect edX with a virtual machine system to make MOOC more common in China. The topic is “Design and Implementation of Online Course and Practice System Based on Virtualization.
    • Developed a Paper Download Tool with data mining technology
    • Research on the Rapid Deployment of Large-Scale Virtualization Platform Technology
    • Built a testbed with Hadoop
    • Studied SPECvirt harness (Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation)
  2. Intern at State Key Laboratory of Software Development Environment
    • Open-source operating system kernel analysis and safety assessment
      The main task for us is analysis on Android Dalvik Virtual Machine, runtime library and other function libraries, in which I analyzed the part of garbage collection in Android 4.0.3.
  3. I have done many student projects about Sentiment Analysis with my friends, and the mentor is Zhoujun Li.
    • Personalized Analysis of Emotion in Social Networking Environment
    • Personalized Analysis of Emotion Based on OCC Model
    • Evaluation of the Credibility of Weibos about Government
      See HERE!!!
  4. Team leader in mathematical modeling team 2012 - 2013
    • 2013 Mathematical Contest In Modeling (the Meritorious Winner)
    • 2012 China Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling


I think my life is quite simple, coding, basketball, sketch, guitar, music and travel make up my current life. I don’t want my life to be complicated, neither do I like anyone who will make my life complicated.

Tech’s good, so is LIFE.


For recent years, I have travelled a lot.

  • During Winter 2013-2014, thanks to the opportunity of being an exchange student in Technical University of Denmark, I was able to take a trip around the Europe.
    I’ve been to Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Netherland, Belgium, France, Spain, Italy, Switherland and Czech.
    I’ve made really good friends in Denmark and I am really looking forward to taking the trips again.
  • In Summer 2013, I took a trip to Hong Kong, Macau and GuangZhou.
  • In Spring 2013, I took a trip to Nanjing and Suzhou.
  • Early Spring 2013, I travelled around Taiwan province.
    Nice people, nice weather and really nice scenery.
  • In Summer 2012, I went to Hong Kong as a visit scholar for a week, by whose chance I was able to visit most of the wonders in Hong Kong.
  • In Summer 2011, I went to Italy as a team member of the program Chinese Youth Going to Italy to Exchange Culture.
    It was my first time abroad, and I have travelled to Roman, Florence, Pisa, Milan.
    Really like the weather during summer!!! Much better than winter!!!

I would like to travel all around the world.

It’s my photo shot at Pisa on 2014/01/12. I'm in Pisa